12 Reasons to Buy a Fitbit Blaze the Best Fitness Smartwatch 2017

Fitbit Blaze has been built by a company that has taken a time to build a real bonafide smartwatch that has the latest technology and more advanced than anything that has ever been done.

It comes complete with a color touch screen, interchangeable watch faces a slim design, and may other strap designs. Tough the watch supports few apps and has a proprietary OS; it pares down the typical smartwatch functions to the necessities of call management, calendar alerts, music controls and text messages.

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But the rest of the watch has been dedicated feature the best fitness. Some of the peculiarities that will make you buy it include the following:
Fitbit Blaze from Amazon

1. Installed GPS

It has been connected to GPS, meaning that you will need your phone with you so that you can know your pace and how far you have walked or ran

2. A heart rate monitor

It has been connected with a continuous heart rate monitor so that you can know and maintain the right heart rate while you are working out or simply for you to get a better idea of your heart health over time.

3. Multi- sport mode

This feature gives you performance statistics of all kinds of activities that you do, like weights, Yoga, and biking.

4. Sleep tracker

Now, sometimes you might have slept late, or you became tired during the day. Apparently, it is expected that you will fall asleep heavily. The problem is that you might wake up late the next day and maybe have problems with your employer for being late. But this watch has come to make things easier for you. This sleep rack feature has an alarm that will gently vibrate to wake you up so that you start your day’s activity in the right way.

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5. FitStar integration

This is a personal training app that will offer you a step-by-step guide to your workout. You can get detailed instruction and animated picture guides for the three favorite exercises, that is the 8-minute warm it up workout, 7-minute, and 10-minute Abs. The advantage of this app is that you don’t need your smartphone with you for it to work out.

6. High compatibility

It has the highest compatibility ability with more than 200 Android, IOS, and Windows mobile devices. It also connects via Bluetooth and lets you handle basic smartphone notifications that are handy when you are running and need not miss.

7. Best battery life

Now, the battery of this watch can work for up to five days and give you the best services that you need as compared to others. So you don’t have to worry that your battery will run down and need you to replace or charge it every day.

8. It has been given Blaze’s style

This is an interesting modular that lets you swap out the tracker into different frames that are also connected to different brands. The default strap is made from high-performance elastomer that is ideal for workouts. But you also have the option of trading with premium leather or steel options.

9. Multi-Facet clock faces

Sometimes you might get bored seeing each clock face each day. This watch has come with a feature that allows you to change the watch faces as many times as you can to whatever design and functionality that you want.

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10. Music control features

It has been installed with instant music control features where you can adjust volume and play, halt or switch songs from your smartphone with only a simple tap. After the songs have been migrated to your watch, now you can control which song you want to listen to at what volume level. This is an excellent feature indeed.

11. Silent alarms

It is not ethical for you to be taken from sleep with a lot of noise. This has been answered by the induction of silent alarms that will assist you to start your day a less alarming manner. You only need to set it to vibrate silently on your wrist in the morning and wake you up to an incredible day in style.

12. SmartTrack

This watch uses SmartTrack feature to recognize automatically and record exercises for you. The merit of this is that you will get credit for a workout even if you forgot to log it.

This is a watch that has been made versatile, but it is a time you make it personal. You need to buy it and change how you do things because it will make it easier for you than anything else that is out there. Try it and there are no regrets.

Fitbit Blaze from Amazon

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