15 Best Blogs To Follow About Weight Loss

Let’s face it, losing weight is hard. Trying to keep up with the calories for each meal to which exercises will give you the ultimate workout in the time you have.

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It is no wonder the weight loss industry makes so much money. From the fad diets to supplements to prepackage foods. When you really want to lose weight there are so many choices out there. Here is a list of 15 absolute best blogs to follow about weight loss.

Whether you are needing inspiration for the day or the moment these blogs will give you the boost you need to stay on track of your weight loss goal. In no particular order here they are without further adieu.

1. Woman’s Day

For the sa vvy shopper to the diet queen, this blog has it all. The main focus on this blog is all things related to women. From adult acne issues that are caused by diet flaws to shopping smarter and saving money. Women’s Day has something for every woman out there. Be it a new healthy recipe to slim your waist to making the best sweets and treats for the kiddos, you will sure to find something. This is an inspiring blog that can lift your spirits and wow the family.

2. Healthy Women

It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in this blog will help you find yourself. As well as answer a lot of questions that may spring up along the way. This site is geared more to educate and inform. From pregnancy to menopause to healthy heart and beyond this is the site to check out. It has fantastic articles for women looking to shed the pounds as well as words of encouragement from those who have come before and lost the weight. This site has wonderful articles for just about any issues that arise. From helping you eat healthier to teaching your kids to follow in your steps. Very all inclusive blog and one to definitely check out.

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3. Paleo For Women

If you are wondering how you are sabotaging your diet, then you might want to head over to this blog. Miss Stefani is the host of the paleo for women podcast and has so many nuggets of wisdom for her listeners. The blog itself has wonderful articles to help those interested in the paleo diet. Not to mention she is the world’s paleo guru on female acne. She also offers paleo recipes to help with pretty much anything that ales you. Highly recommend watching her short video on her weight loss adventure. It will inspire.

4. Bulletproof

This blog is all about a well-rounded wellness. From mind to body and back again. This blog takes the beginner by the hand and teaches them all they need to know about how to get more energy, be in a better mood and eat right. This is by far one of the better blogs that will engage everything (mind, body, diet) and takes a well round approach to weight loss. This blog explains how everything is connected. If you sike yourself out about losing weight, then you won’t be able to overcome that hurdle and will be trapped going around and around in the vicious cycle. This is more than just a blog, this is a life changer!

5.  MS Diet for Women

It is hard enough dealing with weight issues, but for those dealing with MS is harder than ever. This blog’s main focus is helping women with MS and showing them how to eat right and maintain a healthy body. After all, Food is the medicine here. With Green Cleanse Smoothie to the Cinnamon and Nutmeg Eggnog, there is something to satisfy your cravings.

6. Web MD

This website is the perfect reference site for all things, including a healthy reasonable diet. Get your next inspirational workout here. Or ask a doctor a question. This site has it all. If you have supplements that you are using and need to know more about what you are putting in your body, this is the site for you.

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7. Diet Blog

There are some women out there who are more comfortable counting calories, than going off a diet plan or single serving meals. The Diet Blog has articles on calorie meal plans as well as a great article on how to lose up to 10 pounds in 6 days. The Blog also answers the question about the Subway Diet and if it really does work. This site has some excellent resources and facts to help anyone lose a few extra pounds to dropping dress sizes.

8. Weight Loss Forum

This site is more of a forum that lets its members post comments and articles on the site. This is a great place to find your online circle of friends who will keep you motivated during your weight loss journey as well as inspire you to keep breaking those barriers.

9. Shape Fit

As the website advertises, this site is focused of fitness and helping you become the best you can be. The site has great personal journeys and diaries. These entries are from people who have struggled with the weight and an unhealthy lifestyle only to overcome the odds and get their bodies into the best shape of their lives. Great stories to get you on the right track and keep you there.

10. Weight Loss Forum

This forum is another awesome place to find your online circle of friends. There are all kinds of nuggets of information here. What really sets this site above others like it, is the fact that all posts are first-hand accounts. Either people reviewing diet fads or supplements. These are real people making the weight loss journey. It also helps the site has a before and after thread where you can see for yourself the changes made for each individual.

11. 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet

Although the site name is funny, this site is nothing to laugh about. With real encouraging words and people there to keep you up and motivated this site is a must to join. There are discussions about every known diet out there and which one works the best. Of course, there is always a debate on that topic, here the members can share their highs and lows and how they overcame the fat.

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12. The 5:2 Fast Diet

Well, this site gives it to you straight. If weight is what you want to lose, with this particular plan you will lose it. The fast diet is just that- fast. The grounds for this particular diet is to eat 5 days what you normally would then switch it up on the next two days by cutting your calorie intake to 500 for women and 600 for men.

13 The Womens Workout Channel

The perfect youtube channel to watch for correct form and exercising. Although these exercises are geared more for shaping your butt and legs, it is still to watch for form.

14. Sexy Bikini Workout

Get sculpted and firmer butts and thighs with these awesome workouts. Pay attention to the form though so that you get the ultimate workout at home. Some of these workouts are hardcore so be careful and pay attention to your body.

15. Bikini Model Fitness

It doesn’t matter if you count calories or eat right if you don’t have a good workout routine to follow up with. This is a great channel to go to for referencing several different workouts that will compliment any and all diets.

So, there you have it. The 15 best blogs for weight loss. Remember though when starting any diet or workout to talk with your doctor and follow his/her advice. Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day as well as extra during the workout. Before you know it, you too will have the body you have always wanted.

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