8 Reasons to Buy a GIROPTIC 360cam Camera

Many people like cameras but they have never had an experience of having a camera that can view at an angle of 360 degrees. The best camera that is used is one that can capture up to 185 degrees, the GoPro. It is a good camera because it captures everything that comes its way, from big air jumps to underwater adventures. But is that enough? Maybe not because they have one demerit, they can only see what is in front of the camera.


This tells you that you are out of luck if you want to see and capture your face as you are shredding downhill. There is only one option, buying another camera so that you have two. Sometimes you might not want to see yourself only; your friends might be on your right flank. This means that you need another camera.

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This is going to be tedious for you and expensive. But with these GIROPTIC 360cam, all is possible, and it will take you places that you even did not expect.

1. It comes with an excellent picture mode.

The first feature that you will find on this camera is its picture burst mode. It has a way that you can set the internal clock so that it can take one photo every interval. This means that you could set it up in nature, then set the timer for one photo every minute, and leave it for 24-hours that is the cam’s expected life. You can utilize it as a way of snapping selfies at 360-degrees.

2. It has great storage space

With this cam, you will realize that you don’t need any extra room because it has a standard SD card slot inside its waterproof case. This is an indication that even the 32GB card (SD card support is up to 128GB) that you use in your DSL will work perfectly here. Isn’t that a good thing? I can’t forget to mention the built-in adapter that will enable you to look at the photos as soon as you have taken them. This will allow you to delete ones that might have been repeated or ones you don’t want.

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3. Compatible with other accessories

Photographers have many accessories that they use during their endeavors. So, there was a priority when the cam was being designed to include all this features. There is a universal mount and a Micro-USB port that would allow anyone to take any accessories that they have and have them work with this products non-proprietary technology. The USB port also allows for file transfers and battery recharging.

4. You can utilize it for security purposes or even on concerts

When you are out of your home, then security is a vital issue. But it is something of the past now because, with this 360cam, its live stream can always update you on your home. The big question is, where will it get a constant source of power? That is no big deal because there is always a solution for anything. A light bulb was attached to it so that you will be able to plug the device into a socket. With that done, it is now your turn and check what is going on at home anytime by using the company’s app.

The 360cam has another accessory- a portable power that is used over Ethernet video streaming base. This will instantly help you to stream live events. The best part of this feature is that you can also watch concerts going forward, and you can also put yourself on the center stage with a live band or in the middle of the audience. Let me not tell you all the secrets but the company is also planning to integrate Oculus Rift compatibility into the software.

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A big added value compared to other cam is the real-time-stitching (patented technology) no need to use a post-production software all is managed inside the camera.

5. The camera is also designed to fit in our everyday life


This is a camera that is designed with quality but with a simple mind. It combines the durability and lightness of magnesium alloy, a soft touch, and the shock resistance of rubber. The shock resistance feature will do the following:

  • It will protect your camera from any other magnetic interference when you are recording
  • It will protect your videos from being blurred
  • Sometimes when taking photos, the camera might be shaken, but this won’t affect your picture in any way.
  • Lightning and thunders sometimes are a disaster when it comes to recording. But with this feature, our camera is destined to make things easier and better for you.

6. Water-resistant

The GIROPTIC 360cam has a rubberized skin that makes it water resistant and air tight to around 32feet. This will give you a chance to carry it along with you when you are going to the pool or when you are going to capture any water sports that you are going to engage yourself in. When we talk about videography, the cam can be able to record up to one hour non-stop.

7. It has been featured with an LED screen


An LED screen has been included in its side to indicate the camera’s battery status and the operating mode it is currently in. When something goes wrong, the screen will also display any error messages to keep you informed what is wrong with the camera.

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8. It is compact and portable

This cam is egg-shaped, and it will impress you when you first lay your eyes on it. With its dimensions (6.9cm * 6.9cm), it is easily portable to any place you go. It is also compact, meaning that it is hard for it to get destroyed easily like small accidents of falling. Its attachments make it a well-rounded package. Its ability to see 360 degrees compared to others that see at 170 degrees is having a significant advantage. The accompanying app that has been made with it also gives it a potential of hitting the social platform with a burst.

This camera is undisputed in the market. The app that was manufactured along with it has an extra amount of utility. It is the newest generation of cameras that can view 360-degree images and videos. The product is not expensive when you compare to what it is going to do for you, saving you expenses and time. Buy this camera because it is the future that has come early.

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