Best Affordable Honeymoon Destinations: Bermudas, USA

Top 10 Best Affordable Honeymoon Destinations 2017

Summer season is the time for weddings and romantic travel. If you have a limited budget and spent much money for the organization of wedding, this isn’t the reason to abandon the honeymoon trip.

One should agree that the honeymoon in a romantic setting is a perfect start for married life. They say the beginning makes the ending, so the choice of the place for a honeymoon should be taken seriously. In this review, we present Top 10 Best Affordable Honeymoon Destinations with a plethora of inexpensive romantic opportunities.

10. Island Gili Air, Indonesia

This is a secluded paradise on the Earth, where there is no transport except bicycles and carts pulled by horses. The resort is popular with couples in love who want to be alone with nature and relax from the hustle and bustle of noisy city and crowds.

The island is distinguished with white sandy beaches, lush tropical vegetation, the azure waters of the Indian Ocean and the rich underwater world. On the beach, happy couples find many restaurants where they can enjoy a romantic dinner, but prices in local hotels are very democratic.

9. Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An is a small town on the coast of the South China Sea in Vietnam. The town is listed among the World Heritage by UNESCO. Diminutive houses with tiled roofs and narrow streets of Hoi An keep the atmosphere of past centuries.

The resort offers visitors endless white sand beaches, exciting diving sites and attractions of the recognized world heritage. In the evening, the city lights up a cozy candlelight and colorful lanterns that are lit for visitors of the restaurants. Moreover, you can have a tasty and inexpensive dinner in the cafes alongside the coastline.

8. Koh Lanta,Thailand

This honeymoon resort attracts more tourists than other nearby islands. However, the couples in love can still find secluded corners. Anyway, the island doesn’t have disco

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Lanta island is created for those who want to relax from the city noise. Everything here configures a romantic mood: beautiful sandy beaches, fantastic mountains, mysterious caves and virgin forest untouched by civilization. At the same time, Koh Lanta has all the advantages of Thai resorts: low prices and affordable hotel rooms. The tranquility and romantic mood of this paradise won’t let you indifferent.

7. Ubud, Bali

Ubud is a small town 27 km from Denpasar on the Indonesian island of Bali. Tucked away in the depths of the island among forests and green rice fields, the resort attracts adherents relaxing and intimate holiday just for two.

The greatest benefit about this resort is that low-cost accommodation option can be found in the vicinity of the resort. The city also has many museums, galleries, art boutiques, souvenir shops and a large market. The best places in Ubud for romantic couples are: Sari Organic, KAFE, Clear Cafe, Gaya Gelato, Alchemie, Havana Cafe, Bali Buddha, Warung Sopa, Juice Ja Cafe, Dayu’s Warung, Kue.

6. Yasawa, Fiji

Yasawa includes about 15 volcanic islands in the archipelago of Fiji. The islands are barely touched by civilization and have a few hotels and hostels. The prices are very low: for instance, at the hotel Mantaray Island Resort one can stay at around $ 20 per person per night. Moreover, Yasawa Islands are very popular due to the fact that there are arranged for beautiful wedding rituals.

The main attractive feature of the islands is pristine natural beauty. In addition, the islands are characterized by very picturesque mountainous terrain and amazing landscapes for fascinating observation with your partner.

5. Aruba, Caribbean Islands

Aruba is also in the list of excellent destinations for honeymoons with a pleasant mild weather throughout the year. So, you can go to this place at any time of the year, even during the winter. What it is particularly pleasing for the honeymoon-makers, is a good discount with a special program Honeymoon in a plethora of hotels.

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The divine island opens seven miles of white sandy beaches with crystal clear water, and from one island to another, you can move on foot or by boat. One can also rent a boat with a glass bottom and swim along the beach, looking at the underwater world of Aruba and enjoying time with beloved person.

4. Virgin Islands, USA

Virgin Islands are one of the honeymoon destinations where it is possible to move permanently to the new environment. The couples are able to enjoy Santa Cruz, St. John, St. Thomas, and other smaller islands nearby on the boats or yachts.

Despite the fact that the main activity here is water sports, there are many other things you can do. For example, the ideal options for young couples are walking at the sunset, watching the fish from the observatory 5 meters under water, studying various ruins, attractions and shopping tax-free goods from local artisans.

3. Costa Rica, Central America

A trip on a honeymoon in Costa Rica can give you many benefits. Fresh air, the removal from the bustle and stress of city life business, and many other factors will add much to your positive and romantic mood.

Known as one of the cleanest countries, Costa Rica has maintained its flora and fauna in the most natural state. Forests and other ecosystems here have been saved by government forces. Hiking, nature observation and bird watching can make your honeymoon memorable. But if you get tired of leisure, any time you can go to the Pacific side of the country, enjoy the beaches with blue waters and get lost in rest and relaxation.

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2. Paris, France

Although France is famous for a variety of attractions, the honeymoon in the city of love is the most memorable experience. Paris is also known as one of the most romantic cities in the world and one of the most visited cities worldwide. The couples can climb the Eiffel Tower, listen to the serenade in the streets, or enjoy authentic French croissants and delicious wine.

Paris is a specific place where you can have wonderful time anywhere, so feel free to go off. Well, if you have already visited Paris, then pay attention to the other most visited places in France, where you can get a lot of impressions. Such a romantic trip will be remembered for a lifetime and contribute to a long and happy relationship.

1. Bermudas, USA

Best Affordable Honeymoon Destinations: Bermudas, USA

Best Affordable Honeymoon Destinations: Bermudas, USA

The #1 destination for sweet and pleasant honeymoon experience is the Bermudas. This is the perfect place with extraordinary sandy beaches, close to the open sea sapphire color. Such views are very rare in the world, so you will certainly spend a great time here with your second half.

You can further strengthen your relations, visiting many islands around, which are interconnected by bridges. Besides the beaches, there are plenty of golf courses. Bermuda has the largest number of golf courses per square mile in the world. If you are both great fans of active rest and leisure time, the Bermudas may introduce affordable experience to your life!

In order to get the romantic spirit of the honeymoon, one should choose the right place for unforgettable time with his/her partner. We truly hope that our Top 10 Best Affordable Honeymoon Places 2016 rating will help you introduce delightful and inexpensive impressions to your married life.

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