Top 10 Best Bed Bug Killers 2017 Reviews

Bedbugs are annoying, and you need the best pesticide to help with eradicating them. Do not gamble your money by getting a cheap quality one that will not get the job done. The ones listed here are efficient and are from trusted manufacturers so do not hesitate to purchase them. They will deliver on functionality and quality so that one gets value for their money. Use it to narrow down on the many available options in the market.


Tempo Ultra SC

10. Tempo Ultra SC
This pesticide has beta-cyfluthrin as its main ingredient so that it can be odorless and less visible when utilized. It is in liquid form and gives an exceptional performance both indoors and outdoors as it allows for greater disbursement than most powder products. The 8.oz bottle should be mixed with 30galloms of water, and people and pets should re-enter the room when it has dried. Get great value for your money.

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Bed Bug Patrol

9. Bed Bug Patrol
This product kills bed bugs within seconds of contact. It is non-toxic and safe for families and pets. It has been tested by in third party results and is useful in killing the insects. Forget bad odors when using it as it has peppermint and clove fragrance. The ingredients in its formula are all natural from plant extracts and potent. It is easy to use. Look for tightly hiding places and spray them.

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Tempo Ultra SC

8. Tempo Ultra SC
Get long lasting solutions to bed bugs with Tempo Ultra SC. It can also be used on other pests and gives a high performance. It has beta-cyfluthrin as its main ingredient so that it can be odorless and less visible when utilized. It is in liquid form and gives an exceptional performance both indoors and outdoors as it allows for greater disbursement than most powder products.
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Pest Peeve

7. Pest Peeve
Rest easy knowing that all bed bugs have been taken care of with this concentrated blend of all-natural ingredients. It leaves no stains on the surface and bedding and acts fast to get rid of the annoying insects. The formula has been carefully formulated so that it can be safe for pets and family members. Pest Peeve can also be applied around the home. Get it and start having a stress-free life because you deserve it.

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Hot Shot

6. Hot Shot
Kill bedbugs and even their eggs with this fast acting solution. It should not be sprayed on bedding, but the mattress, bed frame, baseboard, floor, walls, carpet, furniture and even spring box and it will not leave stains on them. It will give them spot treatment. It comes in a 1gallon bottle. It is not safe to be used around pets and only works indoors. It is affordable and does get the job done.

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Harris Toughest

5. Harris Toughest
This item works even on the pyrethroid resistant bedbugs and their eggs which are resistant to traditional pesticides. Spray directly, and it will kill the immediately. It has been EPA registration making it safe for homes with pets and people. Its long lasting results will last up to 16weeks, and it will continue to kill even after the initial application. It has no order so that one can be comfortable after spraying it.

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Pest Soldier

4. Pest Soldier
This the fastest treatment for bedbugs in any of the three stages of their existence. It is the most efficient remedy and comes in a spray bottle that makes it easy to use. The ingredients in its formula are naturally organic and non-toxic making it robust and safe. Being child and pet safe also makes it eco-friendly as it works on making the home stress-free. Save money used on an exterminator and do it yourself.
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Safer Brand 51703

3. Safer Brand 51703
Insects can’t build resistance to this pesticide because it has no chemicals to create immunity from. The active ingredient in it is diatomaceous earth, and it will get rid of all crawling insects within 48hours. The powder formula comes in a 4lb bag that will serve you for a long time. Utilize it both inside and outside the home. It has no adverse effects on neither humans nor the environment.

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2. Eco-Defense
Make your home secure with the bestselling product in this section. The powerful formula comes in 16oz bottles with a nozzle so that it can give an easy application. It can be applied directly on bedding, and it will not stain them. It uses a proprietary blend of natural, organic and non-toxic to eradicate the insects. This is an affordable remedy and will save you some bucks as you rest easy in your household.

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Eco Rider

1. Eco Rider
This top rated product will give extended dry protection up to two weeks after the initial application. It eradicates bed bugs at all stages even those that are resistant. Have a good night sleep thanks to this item that has 100% efficacy making it people’s favorite. The nozzle makes it easy to apply it, and the bottle is 16oz that you can utilize. It has gone through third laboratory testing and has been proved to work.

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Be stress-free in your home knowing that you have your back covered with the best bedbug killer. These high-quality items are active, and that is why they have been featured here. Order one with confidence and get it delivered within no time. Keep the home safe from crawling insects using them.

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