Brett Favre net Worth in 2017

Brett Favre is an America football player. He played the position of quarterback. For most of his career Brett played with the Green Bay Packers . This team lead by Brett made it to the Super Bowl and won. He was born on October 10, 1969. Brett was born in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Brett Favre net Worth: $100 millions

Brett Favre net Worth: $100 Million

Brett is from both French American and Cajun descent. Brett made an estimated 100 million dollars during his football career. He is the first player in NFL history to win three consecutive MVP awards including one in the Super Bowl. Brett has been married to his wife Deanna for a number of years now. They have two daughters together.

Career of Brett Favre

Brett Favre made his money from being one of the best quarterbacks in the game of football. Even though he is now retired he made plenty of money during his career. Brett was signed with the Packers as their backup quarterback. When he had to take over the team got to see what Brett can really do.

He started with the Packers for a record 297 games. He did not miss a game from September 20, 1992 until January 20, 1998. In 2008 Brett was getting older and the Packers traded him to the New York Jets. He did not too well this means and the Jets did not even make the playoffs.

Brett was let out of his contract and signed with the Minnesota Vikings. At this point he did not need the money, he was not ready to give up on the game he loved. In 2011 Brett decided to retire and went home to Mississippi. He holds a number of records including passing records and records for scoring the most touchdowns.

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