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How to Play Pokemon Go on Your Smartphone

The Geo-tagging game, Pokemon Go, is so fashionable now. Everybody wants to play it and there are millions talking about it. If you have an Android smartphone or IOS apple phone, you can play the game everywhere.

How to play Pokemon

Guide – How to play on Android devices

  • Touch a Pokemon shown on the map. It will appear on a smartphone screen.
  • To capture the Pokemon,move your phone around.
  • Toss the Pokeball with your finger starting from the bottom of your screen.
  • Once you hit the Pokemon, it will be absorbed into the Pokeball.
  • Once the Pokeball flashes red, it will stay so until the Pokemon is encircled.
  • Touch OK on the info card.
  • The Pokemon will then be added to the Pokedex.
  • Finally, on your bio card, tap the check-mark.

Guide – How to play on iOS devices

  • Login to your App Store on your iPhone. Tap App Store icon and open it.
  • Locate the Pokemon Go App via Search.
  • Download the Pokemon Go app via your Apple ID password.
  • Open the Pokemon Go app icon on your home screen.
  • Give Pokemon Go access your location so you can get all the features.
  • Play according to your instructions.

Guide to find Pokemon Pokédex (animal)

You must climb higher levels to capture a powerful Pokemon that you can add to your Pokedex. If you catch a similar looking Pokemon many times, you could evolve one of them. Explore and find Pokemon Eggs at PokeStops. Once they hatch, after a certain walk, you will get a new Pokemon species. After that, you will complete your Pokedex. Alternatively, access the Great Balls and try your luck and you might catch a dominant Pokemon.

See this video guide from the expert how to play Pokemon Go

The trick is simple; add the Pokemon Go app to your Android or iOS. Then, follow the instruction to start playing the game.

How to Install Pokemon Go on Android & iOS Devices

Pokemon Go is an interesting game for Android and iOS devices. In order to play it, you have to install it first. The following are tips on how to do it.

Install Pokemon Go

How to install Pokemon Go for Android Devices from Play Store?

The first step is to access the Play Store. If you have the store already, you should update it manually unless you have an Amazon device. Here are the other steps.

  •  Access Settings on your Android and then click Security.
  • Scroll down until you see Unknown Sources.
  • Turn on the switch and wait for Google Play’s warning message. It will warn you against downloading apps outside Google Play.
  • Download a current version of Google Play store from a trusted source and ensure it is compatible with your Android.
  • Check the download in your notifications menu or download folder. Click the file and install it.
  • Search for Pokemon Go app in the store and install it.

Above tip is only for any Countries that support by Pokemon Go. But if you want to install from any location that supports by game. Follow by video bellow.

How to download & install Pokemon GO for Android Devices! (ANY REGION!)

How to install Pokemon Go for iOS Devices from App Store?

  • Access the App Store on your iOS device.
  • Search for Pokemon Go. You can get a free app if you are cautious.
  • Tap install and then select Create New Apple ID if you cannot find a free app.
  • Use a new email address and skip choosing any billing method.
  • Add a true local address and Google will give you access to the App Store.
  • Download Pokemon Go and start playing.

The same Play Store on App Store the Pokemon Go just release a few countries but if you want to install it for any country that doesn’t support. Follow bellow video.

How To Get Pokemon GO App In Any Country For iOS!

Ensure that you are using a supported android and iOS device. Then go through the above steps and in no time you will be enjoying your top game.

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