Juvenile Net Worth 2017

Terus Gray, who is famously known as ‘Juvenile,’ is a former member of the hip-hop group the ‘Hot Boys.’ He began recording raps when he was only at the age of 19 and released his debut album ‘Being Myself’ in 1995. His popularity erupted when his 1999 single ‘Back That Thang Up’ was released. Things continued to grow better because, in 2003, he went back to Cash-money to record ‘Juve the Great’, and spawning the number one hit ‘Slow Motion’.

Juvenile Net Worth: $2.5 Million
Juvenile Net Worth: $2.5 Million
  • Net Worth: $2.5 million

  • Birth date: 25 – 3 – 1975
  • Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Profession: Songwriter. Actor, musician, and rapper
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Marital Status: Not married

Debut albums

  • 1994-95: he recorded Being Myself
  • 1997: Solja Rags
  • 1998: 400 Degreez
  • 1999-2002: The G-Code and Project English
  • 2003-04: Juve the Great and UTP
  • 2006: Reality Check. It was No.1 on Billboard 200
  • 2009-2010: Cocky, Confident and Beast Mode. It peaked at NO.49 on Billboard 200. It was rated as his lowest charting album since 1997
  • 2011: Rejuvenation
  • 2014: The Fundamentals
  • 2016: 800 Degreez

Marital life

He had a daughter- Jelani with Joy Deletion on 29th of February 2008. But unfortunately, she was shot and killed in her home along with her mother and older half sister. News came out later that his 17-year-old son, Anthony Tyrone, came home after police had arrived and said that he was the one that had committed the atrocity. He was convicted to two sequential life sentences. It was also reported that the artist was so divested with the happenings that he didn’t attend the funeral of his loved ones. He also said that he didn’t want to divert the media attention to him hence spoil the burial ceremony.

He has also been with Legal problems for instance in 2003; he was napped in Orleans for on drug charges. That was not all. The following night, he caused a fight outside a nightclub and was sentenced to 75 hours of community service

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