Mac Miller Net Worth 2017

Mac Miller was born on January 19, 1992. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . Mac is a rapper, record producer, and even acted on television. His mother is Jewish and his father is Catholic.

He is worth around 10 million dollars. He is currently single. Mac is also white. For most people this is not a problem. For those in the rap world this can be seen as an issues with some of the rappers especially those from rough areas. Mac will have to work hard to prove he has the rapping skills and ability.

Mac Miller Net Worth: $10 Million

Mac Miller Net Worth: $10 Million

He has to show he has talent and is just not being noticed for the color of his skin. Based on his net worth is does seem that Mac Miller has some talent as a rapper.

Mac first came onto the music scene as part of the rap group III Spoken. The group did not sell too well and Mac decided to go solo. He released his first album with Rostrum Records.

While the album did sell 400,000 copies it did much more for Mac Miller. He caught the attention of Wiz Khalifa . While he decided to stay with the smaller record label people did start to pay attention to Mac. He is enjoying fame on the internet and his music can be found on iTunes.

Mac has decided to stay with the smaller label for the time being. If he signed with a major record company he would have to split this money with producers, managers, and others. Currently he would be seeing less of the profits from his music. Mac is looking forward to expanding his music in the future and reaching an even larger fan base.

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