Martin Lawrence net Worth in 2017

A comedian, actor and filmmaker, Martin Lawrence has a net worth of $110 Million. He was born on April 16, 1965 in Frankfurt West Germany, the son of U.S. Military personnel. Lawrence also excelled at boxing in his youth, and briefly considered a professional career in the sport until an injury caused him to reconsider.

Martin Lawrence net Worth: $110 Million

Martin Lawrence net Worth: $110 Million

After moving to New York City, Lawrence was discovered by Tri-Star Pictures executives after impressive performances at The Improv and on Star Search, the latter of which he finished in second place. He was thus given his first acting job on the short-lived sitcom What’s Happening Now!!, as the character Maurice.

When the show was cancelled, Lawrence held many bit roles before breaking through in the role of Cee in the Spike Lee film Do the Right Thing. This gave him the mainstream exposure that led to roles in the House Party films, Boomerang, and eventually his own sitcom, in which he played the semi-titular character of Martin.

It was During this time that Lawrence co-starred with Will Smith in Bad Boys, his most successful film role to date. Martin ran for 6 seasons, and upon its cancellation, Lawrence returned to roles mostly in comedy films.

Lawrence went on to star in the comedy films Nothing to Lose, Blue Streak, and the Big Momma’s House series, before reprising his prior action role in Bad Boys 2. In August 2014, he confirmed that the script for Bad Boys 3 is close to being completed.

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Lawrence has continued in various action and comedy roles and as of 2015, commands about $10 million per film.

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