Mary J. Blige Net Worth in 2017

Mary J. Blige was born on January 11, 1971 in the Bronx , New York. Both of her parents are African American. Mary is best known for her soulful singer voice as well as being a record producer. Mary is also an actress. Mary is worth an estimated 45 million dollars. Mary J .Blige married Kendu Isaccs in 2003 and the couple had a small ceremony.

Mary J. Blige Net Worth: $45 Million

Mary J. Blige Net Worth: $45 Million

Mary has made her fortune by selling millions of records. She started as a backup singers but her voice caught the attention of Sean P. Ditty Combs. Her soulful voice could not be ignored or kept in the background. He worked with Mary and she released her first solo album in 1992.

Since then fans have paid attention to her soulful voice. She can sing pop music as well as slower and stronger songs. Her powerful voice got the attention of fans and top producers. In addition to releasing solo albums she had a number of hits with other artists as well.

She has released 10 albums so far and has sold over 50 million records throughout the world. Mary has also won nine Grammys due to her talents. Mary has also been seen in several movies and according to fans and critics she can act.

Mary did get into some financial trouble. She still owes the IRS 3.4 million dollars which is bringing down her net worth. Like those before her Mary needs to straighten her tax situation out before it gets out of control. Mary has the talent but she needs to business scene to keep on going.

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