Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Georgia 2017

Are you planning a holiday in Georgia? Then you must explore the knowledge pool on the best places to visit in the state. Rich in tourist activities with beautiful trail of beaches, farmlands and trekking spots, Georgia has a lot to offer to the visitors. It also has a scenic beauty. Some of the spots are so purely blessed with the beauty of nature that the visitors will be awestruck and amazed.

Going to Georgia and not visiting these best locations is no less than a misfortune for a visitor. One must follow a guided tour while visiting Georgia. Before visiting the place, one must take a look at the list of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Georgia 2016.

10. Bellwood Quarry


Located several miles away from the main city, a 400 feet deep hole in the ground is identified as Bellwood Quarry. It was mined several centuries ago. The beauty of the place speaks for itself. The local government is fast converting the site into a reservoir. It is spread of hundreds of acres of land. This place is being developed into Atlanta’s biggest park. Formed with rocky mountains, the quarry wears a deserted yet a scenic look.

9. Cumberland Island

This one of the most isolated islands in Goergia. It has St Marys at its gateway. A barrier island, it houses forests and virgin beaches. This place has seen missionaries, slaves as well as the rich visiting it over the years. The area has a small local population and spread over 9,800 acres of land.

8. Fricks Cave, Walker County, GA

This cave will take the visitors back to history. The caves seen always in movies are a reality at Georgia. It is home to 10,000 endangered Gray Bats. It also houses the rare Tennessee Cave Salamander. The cave is located in Walker County. It has 426 acre Meadowview Farm.

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7. Atlanta

This place may be very modern, yet it is a “not to miss” spot in the US state, right from fine dining to shopping, drinking to recreational activities, a visitor will find everything in the city. Owing to the extended luxurious services, Atlanta makes Georgia stand apart amid the most popular destinations in the Southeast. There are many who came to Atlanta as visitors or for work tour but settled eventually. They are currently enjoying their lives after retirement in the city.

6. Botanical garden

Georgia’s botanical garden hosts a collection of world’s rarest plants. It specializes in orchid display house, high elevation house. It has a vivid collection of desert house, orangerie. In addition, it also has a wide collection of animals.

There are a host of events organized in the garden every week. The garden wears an even beautiful look at night.

5. Downtown Blueridge Georgia

It is a small town allowing visitors unique shopping and eating experience. This place promotes art and is rich in art galleries and Community Theater. This place also houses craft breweries and plays live music on weekends. This palce was founded in 1886 as a result of the arrival. During the inception, Marietta and North Georgia Railroad was launched.

4. Rockslide at Big Canoe

The canoe is home to several water related activities. Children love to visit this place, especially. Fishing and boating are the most common activities at these sites. Interestingly, these activities are available around the clock in these areas. It also has lakes. Lake petit is the most popular lake. However, swimming is not allowed in the lakes.

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3. Earth goddess

This place has a unique blessing of the nature. The earth goddess (inscribed on the mountain) was born out of a chaos. It is surrounded by sea that reflects the images of blue sky. This place was earlier being associated with the supernatural powers. It, however, later won immense appreciation from the visitors.

2. Tybee Island lighthouse

This lighthouse guides the divers, mariners, and sailors the direction to travel through the Savannah River. Existing since 270 years, the Tybee Island Light Station is spread over five-acre site. Rebuilt it has a nine feet tall lens. It is being maintained by Tybee Island lighthouse


1. Beautiful fall

Beautiful fall morning in North Georgia by Ben Thomas

Beautiful fall morning in North Georgia by Ben Thomas

The city of Georgia is worth visiting in months of October and November. The city’s landscape becomes exceptionally pleasant and lovely. During these months, the city is full of gorgeous fall colors. The city is full of shades of reds, yellows and beautiful colours. This place is loved most b leaf peepers.

One must go through the list of these 10 places before planning a holiday in Georgia. These 10 places are “not to miss” destinations in Georgia.

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