Soulja Boy Net Worth

Nia Riley after surviving a car accident with her daughter in November was dropped by Soulja Boy after he publicly stated that she wasn’t there for him. Which is strange as he only a couple of weeks before went to social media to ask for prayers for his girlfriend and her daughter’s recovery and he seemed badly shaken by the event as he stated in his Tweets he posted during this time.

Soulja Boy Net Worth: $25 Million
Soulja Boy Net Worth: $25 Million

This isn’t the only time that Way has courted controversy he has had run-ins with other rappers and even made some death threats, which came to nothing fortunately. Way’s Career which started in 2007 has been both a miracle and a nightmare as some of his work has been a resounding successful while other projects have netted so-so returns.

However, the star is still moving along a path that he start at the age of 14 and when the traditional venues to stardom seemed blocked, he forged a new route to stardom on his own, which capitalized on social media and his success on his You Tube Channel has been phenomenal to say the least.

He reinvents himself constantly as shown by removing a tattoo which he had plastered across his forehead in 2012 which begum a famous advert for Gucci. However, it seems his adore has cooled and it along with his girlfriend are gone.

He has even done something that most Celeb’s wouldn’t dare do, as he posted his phone number online in the hopes of finding a new love.

Perhaps that even with money and fame love is elusive to even the rich and successful people like Soulja Boy.

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