10 Best Mattress Types To Consider For A Good Nights Sleep

There are a lot of determinants that depend on how you will get a good night’s sleep- from comfort, the level of stress, room temperature, and other things. But the most important one is where do you sleep?

A real life means that you always have a good sleep because it will have erased all your bad memories of the day and prepare you to start on a day. But many people don’t know what to do or how to choose a mattress that will fit their needs.

How to buy the best mattress?

If you want to buy a better mattress, then here are some guidelines that will help you out:

  • Don’t choose a mattress that is too firm because it will push on the main pressure points and take you out of alignment.
  • It is better to have an innerspring mattress rather than one that does not have.
  • Go for the memory foam mattresses because they are growing fast in popularity. They reduce pressure points and relieve pain.
  • You can also choose Latex mattresses because they provide a firm and bouncy support that is uniform throughout the bed.
  • You can’t ignore air mattress either that are covered by a foam layer on top. They give the best when it comes to sleeping.

What Is the Best Mattress Type For Your Sleep?

Here are some mattress types to consider for a good night’s sleep.

1. The Best Innerspring Mattress

Classic Brands 8-Inch Advantage Innerspring Mattress

  • Size: Twin
  • Brand: Classic Brands
  • Rated: 130+
  • 8-Inch innerspring mattress constructed
  • Foam layering above the coils
  • Fits any Twin Size bed frame
  • Mattress ships compressed
  • Mattress only-base/foundation not included

This is an 8-inch mattress that is individually constructed from wrapped pocket coils. The foam layering that is above the coils ensures that the mattress has total comfort.

The goodness about this mattress is that it can fit any twin size bed frame. When the mattress is shipped to you, it will be compressed for ease of delivery and set up at your home. It has been designed with pocket coils that will prevent motion transfer between partners when in the same bed ensuring a restful and uninterrupted sleep.

They will also distribute your weight evenly over the mattress thus ensuring you have total comfort. It is only important to know that when you open it up, you need to give it 24-48 hours so that it takes it full shape before you embark sleeping on it. Buy this mattress and I promise you, you will feel like you are in heaven when you sleep on it.

2. The Best Hybrid Mattress

Classic Brands Gramercy 14 Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress

  • Size: Twin XL
  • Brand: Classic Brands
  • Rated: 110+
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • 14″ profile hybrid memory foam and innerspring mattress
  • Mattress ships compressed
  • Pocketed coil base
  • Mattress ships compressed
  • Mattress only-base/foundation not included

This is a hybrid foam mattress that combines the support of a wrapped steel coil innerspring with the conforming response of gel memory foam.

It box top layers consists of 1” layer of gel that has been infused with memory foam that dispenses off body heat. Below the box top, there is a second layer of 1Î Gel memory foam that creates a cooler sleeping surface while retaining the pressure-relieving properties of the traditional memory form.

There are also two additional layers that have a fiber layer between 2Î of comfort foam and the .75Î comfort foam that works with the 8Î support layer of individually wrapped coils.

All these are encased in separate pockets so that they can contour precisely to your body. The individually wrapped coil innerspring move independently and reduce the sensation of movement on a bed.

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This will ensure that you have contouring comfort and support for undisturbed sleep all night long.

3. The Best Waterbeds Mattress

90% Waveless Waterbed Mattress with Contour Lumbar

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: InnoMax
  • Rated: 70+
  • Warranty: 15 years
  • 5-6 seconds of movement
  • w/ Contour Back Support
  • Super comfortable
  • Extra wide reinforced Corners

This is the first waterbed that has been released out to the market. Besides lying on your back on the bed, it is also extremely comfortable on your side and even on your stomach.

This means it does not matter how tired you are; this mattress is out to take care of all your tiring problems once you sit on it. You can stay cuddled on the bed all day and even all night. It is a bed that is well built with heavy looking materials, and the matching liner is much heavier than any other.

Now, if you are suffering from arthritis or any back problems, or in arctic regions of the world, then I recommend that this mattress should be top on your list because it will assist you in a great deal.

4.  The Best Foam mattresses

Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper

  • Size: Thick-Full
  • Brand: Memory Foam Solutions
  • Rated: 3390+
  • More restful, comfortable, and supportive
  • Full Size 3 inchs of extra supportive 4 lb memory foam
  • Made in the USA using enviromentally friendly processes
  • Memory foam rzeduces pressure points
  • Topper features a four-pound density

One of the reasons that make people use this mattress is its ability to reduce pressure points thus enable you to have the best night sleep. Enjoy the benefits of memory foam without having to buy any new mattress.

What you need is to add this topper to your existing spring, latex or even memory foam mattress. It will add comfort and increase the quality of sleep that you will have your mattress instantly.

Three inches of four-pound thickness memory foam has been designed to enhance the feel of your current mattress and also provide additional support in areas where your mattress was maybe dipping or sagging.

I encourage you to buy this mattress because it is the one that has been made to contour your body at any temperature and will you the extra comfort that you need.

5. The Best Pillow Top Mattresses

Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt Pillow Top Mattress

  • Size: Queen
  • Brand: Dreamfoam Bedding
  • Rated: 550+
  • 11 Inch Thick PillowTop Mattress
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Tri-Zone Foam Core
  • Foams are Certipur-US with Standard Quality

If you are searching for a budget friendly queen bed, then this is the mattress that will save your pocket. It is a mattress that has been designed to give you the ultimate dreams because it is the mattress for any sleeping style.

It comes compressed hence handy because it makes it manageable to move around even for a single person. The pillowtop is not too firm nor is it too soft. It will allow for pressure point relief and contouring while the Tri-Zone foam core will offer an excellent support.

This pillow top is made in the USA. This bed will work great when you use it in your RV, guest room, or as an every night mattress for any adult that is out there. After you receive it cut it, it will blossom into a cloud that has been sent from heaven. Lay there and you will not feel like moving out of it anymore.

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6. The Best Gel mattresses

DynastyMattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

  • Size: Queen
  • Brand: DynastyMattress
  • Rated: 1300+
  • 3-Inch GEL Memory Foam
  • Dual 2-Inch State of the Art Cool Airflow Foam
  • 5-Inch High density foam
  • Made with High Quality and durable 4-layer construction
  • Luxurious white cover with brown suede on corners, fire barrier, zipper washable cover!
  • FREE 2 Gel Pillows Matching

This mattress has been introduced to take the Gel memory foam comfort mattress to the next generation.

Being made of a 4-layer construction, 3” Gel Foam, 4” Cool airflow foam support, 5” high-density foam for the ultimate support base and the infused gel beads into the premium foam will provide the final solution that you need to color your night’s sleep.

This is a mattress that is so much better than any pillow top mattress, and you won’t be waking up with back pain anymore. If you have trouble sleeping up to the point of fearing to go even to bed because you fear waking up with pain and numbness, you need to switch from pillow top to memory foam mattress, and you will sleep better.

That is no all; you will also wake up refreshed and have no back pain and even wake up with no numbness in your hands.

7. The Best Air beds Mattress

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

  • Size: Queen
  • Brand: Classic Brands
  • Rated: 3100+
  • Two pumps in one bed
  • The primary pump automatically, airbed in less than 4mn
  • 35 circular coils, Queen size and 21 circular coils
  • 18″ raised height
  • Queen size inflated dimensions are 80″x60″x18″

The technology that has been used to make this mattress makes getting into and out of bed easier and might even be the most comfortable air bed you have ever slept on.

It is a bed that can maintain its pressure throughout the night. It is NEVER FLAT feature eliminates sagging and loss of air pressure that is so common in airbeds. This technology is auto-engaging, whisper quiet pump that maintains constant air pressure throughout the night that is undisturbed.

This will in return give you a steady rest that is never flat. Something that makes it unique is the ability to allow you to choose your comfort desired level- medium or firm- and let the Primary Pump inflate the bed. Once the bed has been inflated, the secondary pump takes over and monitors and senses when it needs to engage silently to maintain the chosen comfort level throughout the night.

Now what you should know is that the primary pump enables effortless inflation and deflation of the air bed. The automatic shut-off feature turns the main pump when the bed is fully inflated or deflated. Buy it and enjoy having an effortless night.

8. The Best Memory Foam (Visco) Mattress

California King Size 3 Inch Thick, 4 Pound Density Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Toppe

  • Size: King
  • Brand: Memory Foam Solutions
  • Rated: 4000+
  • Instantly makes any mattress more restful
  • California King Size 3 inchs, 4 lb memory foam conforms
  • Exceeds PURGreen certification standards
  • Memory foam reduces pressure points
  • Topper features a four-pound density

Memory foam can reduce the pressure points thus making it to be loved by many people as they use it to get the best sleep at night.

You don’t have to buy a new mattress so that you enjoy the benefits of a good mattress; you only need a mattress topper that has been designed in this mattress and you life changes once and for all. The topper will add comfort and increase the quality of sleep from your mattress immediately.

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The foam is also specially made to contour you body at any temperature and give you extra support that you need while you sleep. In a warm climate, the topper will expand swiftly but it will cool down to an ambient temperature of the room of 72 degrees.

9. The Best Latex Mattress

Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress – Queen Size – Custom Comfort – Ask Chuck

  • Size: Queen
  • Brand: Dreamfoam Bedding
  • Rated: 680+
  • 10-Inch Latex Mattress with Bamboo Cover
  • Talalay Latex and High Density Base foam
  • DreamFoam Bedding a division of Brooklyn Bedding, made in USA
  • DreamFoam Bedding Offers Two Options for Ordering
  • Mattress only-base/foundation not included

It is a mattress that features a bamboo cover that is the best when it comes to giving you a soft place to lay your body. It also features 3 inches of Talalay latex foam that will instantly contour to each unique curve that is found in your body.

The quilter’s bamboo cover contains biodegradable bamboo fibers with 1.5 inches of soft reflex foam. The mattress is softer than cotton but with four times the moisture absorbency of cotton for a drier, cooler and more comfortable sleep.

It is also immune to moisture and heat because of its superior pressure relief that helps to bring oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. When you wake up in the morning, you will be feeling recharged and renewed to start off the day. If you know the comfort level that you want, we can provide that from our stores because we have everything.

10. The Best Adjustable Foundations

12-Inch Twin XL Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress for Adjustable Bed Base

  • Size: Twin XL
  • Brand:DynastyMattress
  • Rated: 120+
  • Comparable to the Brand Name Mattress!
  • Made with High Quality Visco Elastic Memory Foam!
  • 12-Inch Thick Mattress with 5-Inch 100% HD Visco-Elastic Memory Foam and 7-Inch High Resilience
  • Zipper Cover and Washable!
  • CertiPUR-US® certified! One Mattress Only

A new 12-inch memory foam mattress with an adjustable bed base is here. Don’t be fooled into buying an “original” for no reason, our mattress is here t to perform the best for you lest you claim your money back. You might be wondering why memory foam mattresses are the most popular t hat we sell.

The answer is simple. Our mattresses use visco-elastic memory foam technology that was developed by us. The mattress will sense your body’s weight and then gently conform to your shape to minimize pressure points and to reduce and to toss while you are in bed.

The packaging of the mattress will never compromise its quality ad it will regain its perfect size after 1-2 hours. You need time to enjoy sleeping, and it is now.


It is good always to value how you rest. The best sleep comes from the best mattress. So how you will choose your pallet that way you will use at home is tantamount.

We have brought you these quality mattresses to save you the heck of walking from shop to shop trying to fiber out the best one for you, and in fact, in your search you might land on a bad quality mattress and think it is the best, only to realize otherwise. Visit us and you will go satisfied.

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