How to Choose the Best Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter

With the current evolution of personal transportation, road transport is taking a center stage. If you remember, we started off with bicycles that were two wheeled.

But a lot has been done to it until now when we have two wheel scooter. This is an advanced technology that was taken from a scooter than seemingly did not certify the users’ needs.

With our hoverboard, things are apparently getting better because all that you need is to step on the board and it does all the balancing at the rest of the work for you.this self-balancing scooter has many advantages that you can think of. From escaping that traffic jam on the road to being convenient for your transport.

where to ride hoverboard

FAQ Before you buy 2 wheel self balancing electric scooter

But some people have been asking themselves a lot of questions about this machine. For instance;

Which self-balancing electric scooter brand should I buy?

There are a lot of electric scooters brands that are out there, and if you don’t take care, some might be fake hence end up embarrassing you the first day you receive it.

Now, here is the secret. All products that are made by Swagway Company have been certified and rated as to be safe for use. In fact, if you realize any problem with the electric hoverboard they give you, report back to them, and corrective measures will be taken, including you being given another one.

Where can I purchase the scooter for the cheapest price?

You might be deceived by other sellers from other corners, but the truth is, you can find it on BetterChoiceOnline. This is the approved seller of Amazon products. Those that have interacted with them will tell you that these are the best sellers that you can get so far.

They consider all your requirements and in case you ask a question on their site, they respond to it quickly, and if there is anything that you want, it is shipped to you for free, you only buy it, and the rest is for them to do so that you get it.

Will it break? Will it have a money back warranty?

The 2 wheel scooter has been tested and retested over time, and it has proven its existence. It is sturdy enough to carry a weight of around 300 lbs. this means that if you are a person of that weight, you can happily ride it, and no breakage will be experienced.

But in case you experience any mechanical problem or anything of the sort after you buy it, there is always room for you to be given another one. We are not thieves at all and if the problem is found to be genuine, you can either choose to have a new one or your money back. You only report to the customer desk, and you will be assisted.

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How do I learn to use it? Is it safe?

Safety was our number one precaution when we were manufacturing it. In fact, there are no significant fall accidents that have been reported to us from our esteemed customers that bought it.

You can learn to use it in only 30 min. First, step on the board and it will automatically balance, you can lean backward or forward to command it to move. If you want to turn corners, you also bend either to the left or right. The change of your feet on the board means that you want to break. It is as simple as that.

How long does it take to charge and how long will it last?

Charge it for around 12 hours and it will be full. The charge will last according to how you use it. For instance, it can go for 10 miles when it is full with one charge.

How fast does it go?

If you are a beginner, and you had activated the beginner mode level in the hoverboard, then it will cruise at around eight mph but for those that have been used to it, they can travel to maximum speeds of 12 mph

How heavy and big is the scooter?

The bike is not heavy at all because it weighs approximately 29 lbs. That means that you can carry it easily around with one hand with ease. Even if you want to travel to longer distances carrying it, you won’t tire your shoulders at all. It has been made with a light-weight to enable be moved from place to place when it is either out of charge, or you want to use it elsewhere.

On what surfaces can I ride it?

You can ride this machine in flat surfaces comfortably well. And in fact, it will even accelerate more when in smooth surfaces where there is no grass. At the same time, it can go up a hill that has a 15-degreee inclination. That will have given you a leeway of not worrying that you will get off when you reach such hills.

But due to safety measures, the small wheels and lack of handlebars compromise its stability when you ride over irregular terrain. It works extremely well when used indoors or if you decide to go out, make sure you get a smooth pavement but always prepare for the challenges that you will encounter while going over cracks, bumps, and even the rough surfaces that you will encounter on the way.

Where can you ride one?

It is always good to check on the local news before you trying to commute with a 2 wheel electric scooter. This is so because each country or city differs with laws regulating search issues. But if you drive one on the streets and are cornered by the police, we suggest that you be polite as this will increase the chances of the police being entertained than upset.

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How is it design?

This hoverboard is designed for easy use from those that are 12 years and above. This means that it is cheaper to control than the rest. Its mode level also starts you off as a beginner and later when you are used to it, you can change to an expert level. The leaning mode is also very perfect as it responds well when initiated.

Advantages of Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter

1. Runs on Batteries

It has been manufactured with a 36V battery that can power the machine for up to miles when fully charged.

2. Easy to Navigate

The hoverboard does not need one to go to a training school so that he masters how to use it. You only lean the basic balancing techniques, and you are set to go.

3. Light

It can be carried with even one. This is because its weight is estimated at 29 lbs which is much lighter than you think. When being transported in a bag, it won’t tire your shoulder.

4. Low Maintenance

It needs almost no maintenance. You only need to make sure that it is charged well and clean all the time when not being used.

5. Perfect for urban living

There are always frequent movements when people are in urban centers. If you can’t walk then, you have to use the money. This machine comes in handy as it will transport you from place to place quickly.

6. Eco-friendly

There is no pollution of the environment when you are using this hover. No fumes are emitted from it as it uses a battery to power it up. You will have saved the environment in a great deal if you decide to use this hoverboard.

Here are the 3 Best  two wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooters

1. Swagway X1

  • Color: White
  • Brand:Swagway
  • Rated: 210+
  • The fastest, lightest model available, Zero degree turning, Climb up to a 15 degree incline.
  • 20 miles per charge!
  • Easy to learn
  • U.S. brand. FCC, RoHS, CE, WERCs, Prop65, UN38.3 Certified.
  • One year warranty if you register online

Now this is the fastest and lightest model that is available in the market. But with all these, it still features zero degree turning and can climb hills that have a 15-degree incline.

Don’t wait for the future anymore because it is now. Buy this hoverboard and you can move as faster as you have never done. It travels at speeds of up to 12 mph. what we have done is to take the fun of a skateboard, and made it as easy as using a motor scooter.

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What we have done to it is just give it an extra swag, and you are ready to hit the roads with what that has never been in town. Riding it is fun, cool, and practical.

2. Hover X Self Balancing Hoverboard (Not available)

Hover X Self Balancing Hoverboard Balance Scooter with LED Lights
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Hover X
  • Rated: 10+
  • Hover X is an American company, high quality product
  • Max speed of 9.3mph, 36V/4.4Ah battery range of 10 miles, climb hills of 15 degrees
  • 90 day warranty. Read full warranty for details

This hoverboard has been designed by an American company that is known to create amazing and quality products and at the same time, provide the best customer service.

This is a brand that you can exclusively trust, and our products are extremely sold at our stores. This hoverboard can travel at a speed of up to 9.3 mph. With its 36V battery; it can carry you to a distance of 10 miles and even climb hills that are inclined at 15 degrees.

I tell you, this hoverboard is more powerful and safer than the rest of its counterparts in the market. There is no assemblage required when you buy it. Just take it out of the box and hit the streets.

3. CoolReall Self Balancing Scooter  (Not available)

CoolReall Self Balancing Scooter Two 6.5-Inch Wheel Self Balance Electric Hoverboard
  • Color:Black
  • Brand:Coolreall
  • Rated: 200+
  • 100% New and High Quality
  • The Mini Smart self-balancing two-wheel electric scooter
  • Easy to learn
  • Safe highest speed of 6 MPH, 15 degrees climbing

If you have been looking for a scooter that is made with class, then it is better you stop here because we are bringing you a product that has evolved over and became better than you see it.

This is a more convenient and safer machine that you can find in the market. If you don’t know how to ride it, don’t worry because you only need 30 min, and you have become a master of the machine. Just step on it and it will balance automatically.

Lean backward or forward to make it move to any direction that you want. Your left and right legs are your steering wheel to negotiate corners and even bring it to a halt. With a safe speed if 6-mph, it can take you safely to your destination and back.


People say that hoverboards are big fancy toys. Maybe that is all they are. If you want to buy one, go ahead and buy one but choose one that can best suit your pocket. Do research on where you should ride it because other places are out of bounds. Get out there and get entertained.