Top 10 Things To Do In Germany 2017

Every year, Germany attracts thousands of tourists who want to experience historical monuments, make unforgettable excursions to the ancient temples, palaces and town hall, or relax in the winter resorts.


In general, Germany is a country that provides huge opportunities for tourism. Some people make the trip because of the exciting shopping in the famous boutiques and salons. Others are willing to try delicious German cuisine. Some travelers come to the country in hope to get in touch with an ancient history. The diverse cultural program in Germany includes perfectly preserved churches, palaces, castles, medieval towns, monasteries and museum programs.

In this review, we present Top 10 Things to Do in Germany 2016 in order to make your trip unforgettable and outstanding experience.

10. Have a glass of beer at the Oktoberfest

If you are a fan of noisy parties and crowded places, you are welcome to Oktoberfest, a popular beer festival in Germany. You will be treated with the sea of special beer, traditional roasted chicken and other Bavarian specialties as well as the most exceptional city tours.

The tradition is: At noon the Mayor of the City with a special honor devastates the first glass in order to open the festival. And right after that, any visitor is able to quench his thirst for beer. Thus, study the program of festival events; book your place in the pavilions, gather friends and head to the legendary German event!

The Wow Factor: well-known brands of Bavarian beer such as Paulaner, Spaten, Hofbräu, Hacker-Pschorr, Augustiner и Löwenbräu.

9. Buy a recreational tour to Baden Baden

The history of the resort is complicated: in the Middle Ages, when plague spread over Europe, the hot springs of Baden-Baden became the panacea for its treatment. The unique mineral composition of water has been assessed already.

Today, Baden Baden is the city with strong recreational potential. The springs from the ground are healing elixir treats and rehabilitate thousands of people who come to the resorts in Germany every year. Recreation Centers at Baden-Baden in Germany have several dozen resorts using thermal waters. In addition, Baden-Baden is one of the most beautiful cities of the country.

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The Wow Factor: Caracalla Therme

8. Get the rush of adrenaline at Europa Park

Europa-Park is the largest entertainment center in Germany, located in the south-west of the country in the town of Rust. It is the second most visited theme park after the famous Disneyland Paris.

Europa-Park is divided into several thematic zones representing the countries of Europe. In one day you can visit Germany, France, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, the Netherlands and Russia. Each zone has its own architecture and its own original attractions. On the territory of the Europa Park of 65 acres, visitors will find hundreds of attractions and dozens of show programs for every taste and budget.

The Wow Factor: extreme roller-coasters

7. Take a cruise along the Rhine

Romantic and informative, full of ancient legends and discoveries, the cruise on the great river of Europe won’t let any traveler indifferent. You will see the towering cliffs and medieval fortresses and castles hidden in the lush greenery. They keep the memory of the times from the struggle for Germany’s main artery – the Rhine.

In this place, you are welcome to touch the history, watching the “gingerbread” houses German and French cities from the open deck of the comfortable ship. By the way, this journey will be interesting not only for adults. Do not miss the opportunity to have a great time with the children in the autumn vacation.

The Wow Factor: local delicacies Spundekase and Handkase.

6. Enjoy a guided tour to Bremen

One should necessarily adore rare and unconventional tour to the tenth largest city in Germany. Bremen isn’t just the “Bremen Town Musicians”, Gothic Town Hall and the XV century. It can offer you much more!

In the course of the guided tour in Bremen at the weekend, you will be able to visit the Mercedes-Benz factory, Becks brewery and even take a fast ride on sports Mercedes GLK. Moreover, every Sunday in front of the Church of Our Lady there are free concerts of Bremen Town Musicians. Do not miss the opportunity to see Bremen from unusual point and spend an unforgettable weekend in the city!

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The Wow Factor: Bremen Town Hall

5. Stay in second childhood with Legoland

Legoland is the famous German amusement park able to surprise both children and adults. Exciting games, amazing attractions, and fascinating workshops – all is worth a visit! The group tour to Stuttgart with a visit to amusement parks would be a real treat for the whole family.

Children’s amusement park Legoland is located on the area equal to 26 football fields. It is so big that inside it there are 8 theme parks. And it isn’t static scenery: life on the streets of the park goes at full swing. By the way, guests can try their hands at urban planning: at their disposal there are 50 million details from which they can build houses, create animals and favorite characters.

The Wow Factor: Lego Extreme Zone

4. Listen to classical music in Dresden

Experience the many facets of Mozart’s creations in Dresden Zwinger Palace. In his short life, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed 50 symphonies, 22 piano concertos as well as numerous works, including a series of brilliant operas.

This concert offers the opportunity to enjoy a wide scope of Mozart’s compositions at the beautiful Marble Hall of the Dresden baroque Zwinger Palace. If you are a true aficionado of everlasting music compositions, you are welcome to attend this exquisite music event. In addition, the highly talented international musicians of the ensemble are drawn from the orchestras and conservatories of Dresden.

The Wow Factor: the combination of Russian and Viennese traditions in performance

3. Admire the eternal beauty of Kolner Dom

The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Mary in Cologne is the building that isn’t just recommended for a visit. This is a must-see. Located in the historic center of Cologne, a grand five-nave basilica reaching the highest point value of 157 meters is very beautiful and adores genuine admiration for smooth lines and refinement of shapes.

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The first stone of the cathedral was laid in 1248, and then the construction was delayed for more than 6 centuries and officially ended only in 1880, although the endless finishing and restoration works are carried out periodically inside the church to this day.

The Wow Factor: the collection of unique church treasures

2. Try your skiing potential at the ski resort

If your intention isn’t to spend the holidays at the seaside and in the midst of snow-capped peaks, take a look at skiing Germany. In the German Bavaria, the Alps are the same nice and high, but the price of leisure is lower than in neighboring Austria or Switzerland.

The tourist ski season in the German resort begins in December and lasts until April. The ski resorts of Germany are especially good for beginners and family travelers, because there are plenty of simple and low slopes. Ski pros in the German resort also won’t be bored: they have the highest (and, note well prepared) slope where we can demonstrate aerobatics skating.

The Wow Factor: Zugspitze winter camping holidays

1. Buy a shopping tour to Dusseldorf

Yes, here is the leader of our rating. The tourists flood to Dusseldorf in the first place for fashionable clothes and watches. The most famous and expensive shopping area is the central Königsallee with a multi-brand boutique Eickhoff Konigsallee (Konigsallee, 30).

Next to Königsallee street one can find Gryunshtrasse Fashion Clinic – shop of women’s clothing, shoes and accessories from Viktor & Rolf, A.F.Vandevorst, Barbara Bui, Hussein Chalayan, Bernhard Willhelm, Rick Owens, Kenzo, Jonathan Saunders. Other major shopping centers are: Schadow Arkaden (Schadowstraße, 11), the center of Sevens (Königsallee, 56), Gallery Kö (Königsallee, 60) and the center Stilwerk (Grünstraße, 15), Düsseldorf Arcaden (Friedrichstr. 129-133).

The Wow Factor: Schadowtstraße with brand shops

So, you can see that Germany isn’t as calm and tranquil as described by many fellow-travelers. In this country, it is possible to find the entertainment for any taste and budget.

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