TI Net Worth in 2017

TI has many talents. He is an actor, author, rapper, producer, entrepreneur, as well as television produce. He was born on September 25, 1980 and is African America. He was born Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. in Atlanta, Georgia. Due to his many talents TI is worth 55 million dollars in 2015.

T.I Net Worth: $55 Million

He has been with the same woman for a number of years. He married Tameka Cottle and they have two children together. TI also has a step daughter and two other sons and a daughter. It is a good thing that TI is rich.TI has made his fortune by selling millions of albums and also going on a number of sold out tours.

TI released his first album in 2001 and has released nine studio albums so far in his career. He is still young and very much sought after in the music industry. His music talent boosted him to CEO and founded of Grand Hustle Records. He is looking for talent to produce .

TI has appeared in movies as well. He was in American Gangster and Takes. These movies have been well received by both fans and critics. TI has shown that he does have talent as an actor and can be in serious roles. For better or worst TI is in the news often. In addition to his music he is noted for being arrested due to violating his probation as well as gun chargers.

This may be enough to keep TI’s name in the headlines and give him the image of a real rap gangster.

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