Top 10 Exotic Beaches In the World 2017

The choice of the beach is one of the most important steps in planning the trip of your dream. Holidays in exotic country are very diverse and can satisfy various preferences, so the choice of the resort and the beach depends a lot on the purpose of your trip. Some tourists come to the beach for sunbathing; others visit it for a beach holiday, and the third are looking for a relaxing holiday with kids.

Pristine beaches with white sand, French Polynesia and transparent waters of the Coral Sea, revived Ipanema, royal Mustique and Nantucket that rapidly entered the fashion because of “The Great Gatsby”… In this review, we are going to present Top 10 most exotic beaches in the World 2016.

10. Champaigne Beach, Vanuatu

Exotic Beaches In the World: Champaigne Beach, Vanuatu

Exotic Beaches In the World: Champaigne Beach, Vanuatu

Fine white sand with a pinkish tinge, foaming water from the volcanic rock on the bottom of the Coral Sea and overgrown lush vegetation make this exotic beach the jewel of not only Vanuatu but the entire Pacific region. Almost half a kilometer arc extends on the east coast of the island of Espiritu Santo, the largest island state.

Apart from the amazing beach, Champaign shore possesses all conditions for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, from the coral and beautiful caves with rich underwater flora and fauna to the ship submerge in the bay.

The Wow Factor: turquoise color of water

9. Matira Beach, Tahiti

Exotic Beaches In the World: Matira Beach, Tahiti

Exotic Beaches In the World: Matira Beach, Tahiti

The island of Bora Bora, with its pair of volcanic peaks, white sand, palm trees and attractive culture itself is considered to be the paradise on the Earth. However, Matira Beach is perfect enough to take a permanent place in the Top 10 beaches in the world at the same time according to the National Geographic, CNN and the Travel Channel.

In addition to luxurious sand and clear turquoise waters, its dignity is a long shore with calm surf due to which Matira is considered ideal for romantic walks along the coastline. Desolate area and intimate hotels create special atmosphere of tranquility and dreaminess.

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The Wow Factor: Second World War artifacts on the beach

8. The Boulders, South Africa

Exotic Beaches In the World: The Boulders, South Africa

Exotic Beaches In the World: The Boulders, South Africa

This is the only recorded fact when penguins replace holidaymakers on the remote territory. The Boulders for many decades has been a popular beach of the Cape Peninsula, adjacent to the picturesque town of Simonstown. The beach is a unique place where nature and civilization merges into a single entity.

The first two pairs of African penguins landed in these parts in 1982, and the beach is now a colony of thousands of individuals. The beach is still open for swimmers and sunbathers, but its main attraction for the successful future is the frame of a huge colorful beach rookery.

The Wow Factor: Huge Rocks and Pebbles alongside the coastline

7. Ipanema, Brazil

Exotic Beaches In the World: Ipanema, Brazil

Exotic Beaches In the World: Ipanema, Brazil

Brazil has already returned the greatness and classics of world beaches praised in the songs Astrud Gilberto and Frank Sinatra. By 2014 FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympics in 2016, Ipanema beach is becoming a business dream.

Besides the impressive coastline and many kilometers of wonderfully relaxing ocean surf, its advantage lies in the unique beach culture. More than half a century ago, local inhabitants invented the image of “high and tanned, young and beautiful” girl from Ipanema who attracted the beach community like a magnet.

The Wow Factor: Two Brothers Mountain

6. Nungwi, Tanzania

Exotic Beaches In the World: Nungwi

Exotic Beaches In the World: Nungwi

A charming fishing village on the northern tip of Zanzibar has turned into relaxing, comfortable and isolative resort off the coast of Africa. Even in the most luxurious hotels built here in recent decades, the village embodies stylized colonial times with bamboo furniture, tents and heavy elegance of bygone era.

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The fact is that typical heat of Tanzania facilitates breezes and the intense azure hue of the lagoon to be seen with your own eyes to believe in it. One can take a fishing boat to enjoy the marvelous scenery from the distant point.

The Wow Factor: Mvuleni and Fukuchani ruins

5. Grand Anse, Grenada

Exotic Beaches In the World: Grand Anse

Exotic Beaches In the World: Grand Anse

The tiny capital of tiny island nation in the Caribbean is considered one of the best beaches on the planet: pristine white sand beach stretches for several kilometers to the south right behind the harbor of Saint-Georges. Grand Anse is located in a huge natural amphitheater, the slopes of which cover the dense foliage hiding several luxury hotels and resorts.

The protected coral reefs have rich underwater world. In addition to tropical fish, the exotic place is a home to numerous whales and dolphins. Thus, local cream-colored sand and the extraordinary transparency of the water are more often observed by the yachtsmen and the guests of cruise ships.

4. Macaroni Beach, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Exotic Beaches In the World: Macaroni Beach

Exotic Beaches In the World: Macaroni Beach

This resort is very poorly advertised, since the demand for services far exceeds supply especially after Prince William and Kate Middleton have chosen it for the rest after the announcement that they expect their first-born child.

The island is surrounded by several excellent beaches, but Macaroni Beach is more than just a first-class strip of sand between the two prominent capes at sea: it is also a social podium analogue promenade in Nice. The island near the beach is considered the most interesting nature-preserving UNESCO objects with marvelous diving and snorkeling opportunities.

The Wow Factor: coral reefs in deep waters

3. Madaket, USA

Exotic Beaches In the World: Madaket Beach

Exotic Beaches In the World: Madaket Beach

The latest adaptation of “The Great Gatsby” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title brought back the glory of the northern beach of the American Nantucket. The beach is lying around the Atlantic Ocean Island separated from the continent by the Strait.

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A well-known tourist place of New England boasts several beaches. Among them is the Madaket, long sandy stripe that goes into the waters of the Atlantic with its dramatic skies and romantic sunsets. It is as if specially designed for secluded picnics and romantic strolls. Another tourist attraction on the beach is a popular Sankati lighthouse.

2. Bay Datai, Malaysia

Exotic Beaches In the World: Bay Datai

Exotic Beaches In the World: Bay Datai

The beaches of Langkawi Island have traditionally been flawless, but Bay Datai is a special case. It lies in a horseshoe of mountains and can be considered one of the quietest beaches on the Earth.

Thick dark green forest canopy almost to the water of the Gulf is contrasting with milky-white sand. Rising atmospheric flows play jokes with clouds creating playful rings by day and dramatic heavenly figure when illuminated by the setting sun in the evening. The beach naturally fits into the exotic atmosphere of surrounding forest.

1. Playa del Amor, Mexico

Playa del amor

The leader of our beach rating is Playa del Amor, or “the beach for lovers”. The strip of sand with huge stone pillars in the state of Baja California Sur is ideal for memorable lifetime walking hand in hand. The location of the beach makes it partly noticeable from the distance.

Unique terrain with low-lying isthmus between the Gulf and the ocean makes the beach an ideal place for meetings at sunrises and sunsets. Typically, the restless sea isn’t very well suited for the heats, but in calm weather it makes sense to take a mask for snorkeling, as the local underwater world and its views is worth it.

Before choosing the ideal exotic beach on the Earth, you are welcome to look through our list of Top-10 Exotic Beaches in the World 2016 to make your final decision. If you wish to spend unforgettable holiday on the sandy beach, you just need to take the option from our ranking of exotic beaches with the most incredible scenery and amazing holiday opportunities.

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